Saturday, May 7, 2011

Pure Whimsy~Pure Creativity!

Gaby's Work

Hi Everyone~

When I saw Gaby's work at Colorful Adventures, I just HAD to share it with you!!!

Gaby's Spring time tags

If you want a treat, go visit her blog--so much beauty abounds!

A Close-up

I just love these dainty cards--they're breathtaking!

Debrah Block Krol's Work

Debrah Block Krol is a gallery artist whose style is exquisite! She creates such a wide range of amazing wearable art.

Her website is at: dbkdesigns

Debrah's Handmade Scarf

Just look at this gorgeous handmade scarf~What woman wouldn't love having this as part of their wardrobe?

Debrah's Cuff Bracelet

And here is one of Debra's intricate cuff bracelets....very artsy, very whimsical! She is, indeed, a premium designer and I hope you'll visit her to see wide array of creations. She also has "wrist gauntlets"--wait 'til you see those! They are made of cashmere and are completely dreamy!

Hannah's Tea Party Joy

I know you'll enjoy meeting Hannah of Tea Party Whimsy!

Hannah's Creation

Hannah's joy of life is evident in all of her whimsical creations!

Hannah's Tea Party Hat

Here's a special hat for tea parties~AND Hannah even gives tea parties professionally.

I hope you have enjoyed meeting these talented and diverse group of women who bring so much to art and life.

I also hope that you have a wonderful and creative week!!!



  1. Such delights these are 3 very talented ladies indeed right off to check them out now. Thank you Cindy XOXO Zoe

  2. Hi Cindy,
    What talented gals! I know Gaby and am just in awe of her talent! Her metalwork is out of this world too! Now, I must go visit Hannah and Debrah. Thank you for sharing these wonderful ladies' talents.
    Blessings and Happy Mother's Day, my friend.

  3. Wow Cindy...all of these ladies are fantastic. All that beautiful art etc. I was really taken with the first one because I love vintage and color..and she did a great job of combining both together. Oh, tea sounds lovely too. Now I'll have to visit everyone :) :) have a Happy Mother's Day. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  4. hi cindy,
    thank you so much for the lovely write-up. i am honored and thrilled to be featured on your blog!
    debrah block krol

  5. Gee ! Where do I start,they are all fabulous.
    Hugs, Amy

  6. Great women and talented artists! You are amazing for bringing such talented women to us.

    Hugs XX

  7. Hello Cindy,
    Thanks for your nice words, I am really honored to be featured on your blog! I take that as a real compliment!

    I'm wishing you all a lovely Mother's Day!

    Gaby xo

  8. I love them all!! Gaby's paper arts are divine, debrah's jewelry is gorgeous, and Hannah's whimsical designs and tea party hats are amazing!!

    I love coming here for a bit of inspiration!! Etremely awesome!!


  9. omg Cindy, they all are amazing!! Can't wait to go check out their sites:)

  10. Wow! Such Beautiful creations!! Love those pillows, and all the jewelry!
    Nancy xx :D

  11. Oh Cindy, I love the way you present these fabulous artists. I already have Gaby on my blog list, but the other two were new to me. I am off now to have a look at their blogs.

  12. Cindy, you just find the most amazing artists to feature! These are three talented ladies! Thank you for sharing them with us!

  13. Their work is beautiful Cindy, thanks so much for sharing their amazing work with us. I'll have to check them all out.

  14. Everyones art is fabulous. Thanks for sharing. Cant decide which I like the best!

  15. so many joyous creations in this post! gaby's tags are amazing and they say spring like nothing else. meanwhile debrah's pieces are as juicy as can be. i love it all! xo