Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Special Creative Soul

Hi Everyone~

I would like to introduce you to a wonderful woman named Laura Rhodes.

Her creations are so adorable!! And made with so much care.

Laura makes all kinds of goodies that she has in her shop!

I hope you will stop over and say "hi" to her! I know that she is someone that you would really enjoy meeting! And her store is filled with all kinds of homemade goodness!!!

How do I know? Because I was lucky enough to win one of her beautiful creations (the first picture at the top of this post.) It is a towel that looks like a dress--AND it is embroidered!!! It's amazing--and so is Laura!!! To visit her go here.

Happy Creating, Everyone!!



  1. That is way to cute to be a towel! Congrats on your win Cindy and I'm going to hop on over for a visit! Hugs my friend, Marilou

  2. Amazing needle work the towel/dress is brilliant. XOXO Zoe

  3. Wow, looks terrific! I will be sure to visit her shop this weekend! You always find the most talented ladies to feature, Cindy:)

  4. Cindy dear,
    Thank you for the lovely post and compliments..However, I'm sorry to say that it is not "hand embroidered", but machine embroidered. The pattern is "toile" which looks like hand embroidery but is actually machine embroidery, a pattern I got of the web..So, thank you once again for the very kind and sweet words! Love and Hugs, Laura Rhodes

  5. HI Cindy,
    Everything is so cute...and those soaps, I love how those are presented ;) :) I like homemade soaps :) :)

    Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  6. Oh wow, that is such an adorable dress/towel. That is ingenious!! I was fortunate enough to win one of Laura's apple towels. She does great work.

    You know...not to too my own horn or anything, but I sometimes wonder if I should even post giveaways on my blog. But because I did, you found Laura's work, so I'll keep on doing it. It makes it worth the while that I'm actually helping people.

    Tracy Screaming Sardine

  7. Nice to meet Laura! I agree, her creations are wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

  8. So nice of you all to comment and I look forward to getting to know you all better..Love and Hugs to all, Laura R.

  9. So wonderful to meet you Laura! These creations are great!!!

  10. how wonderful to learn of all these creative souls who are doing lovely things in the world. well done Laura!