Sunday, October 30, 2011

Victorian Christmas Week Coming Nov. 2

Victorian Christmas Week will be coming to my Whimsical Musings blog...There will be a tutorial, how-to's, a giveaway, and more!

There will be different projects that you can learn to make--so come on over and join me for some old-fashioned fun!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

An Awesome Giveaway!!!

My friend Marjie is having an amazing giveaway! As you know, I make custom blog buttons, so I designed this one to announce her contest--She is giving away Tim Holtz's A Compendium of Curiousities on Halloween. If you would like to enter to win it, just go to Marjie's blog HERE!!!


Friday, October 21, 2011

Hugs--What They Mean

I have heard it said that each of us need many hugs a day--I think it's true. I know it sure makes ME feel better!

Well, there is a blog that tells about 10 different kinds of hugs that you can receive on a date--and what they mean. To take a look, click HERE. If you're not married, I know you'll be thinking about this list on your next date! If you ARE married, you'll probably be remembering your first date and trying to see what kind of hug you got-- Too cute!

Sending all of you a ((((hugs))))


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Work from Home

Since writing my ebooks, Blogging: It's a "Woman" Thing and Blog from the Heart: A Woman's Guide to Blogging, I have received numerous emails from women who want to work from home, but don't know where to start.

While there are many opportunities out there, my feeling is that if you want to put yourself "on the map," so to speak, one of the easiest ways to do that is with a blog. Through blogging, you can meet people with similar interests. You can get new ideas, talk to other women, see what they are doing, ask questions, and more.

Do you love crafts? Have you ever wanted to write a book? Do you have valuable advice you want to impart? Would you like to tutor or write articles?

The Internet has changed the way that people do business and reach potential clients.

If you start a blog, it can help you connect with others. If you are present in any other social media, be sure to "tweet" your posts or post them to Facebook for added exposure.

Remember to live your passion--You were born to fly!!

Awesome news--My ebook, Blogging: It's a Woman Thing went up over 51,000 ranks today on Amazon!!

Note: I am a designer for Shabby Cottage Studio. They have amazing graphics if you need any. The photos on this collage are from there.

I have used a scrapbooking program, My Memories Suite V2. If you need a scrapbooking program, you can save $10 by using my coupon code. (Their button is at the top my right side bar.) My code is STMMMS19107.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Victorian Christmas Coming Nov.2!

Starting Nov. 2, I will be having Victorian Christmas Week on my Whimsical Musings blog. I will have a giveaway, tutorial, and how-to's for those who want to get their crafts ready for Christmas early. I hope you'll join me for this week-long event--remember to save the date!


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tutorials That Make a Difference

If you are new to blogging or if you have even done it for a long time, there are always some things you may need assistance with from time to time.

There are several tutorials on this blog that can be very helpful--all with screen shots to take you right through the process of whatever you are doing.

When it comes to doing new things on my blog, it is not unusual for me to freeze--and panic! So, I figure that there may be others out there who feel the same way.

Whimsical Musings Tutorials can walk you through some of the most complex actions. If there's a tutorial you need and some quick answers you are after, feel free to scroll down the pages to see if what you need is here.

If you are a woman who wants to create a blog or just have ideas about some exciting content, I have just written 2 ebooks that can be helpful. They're quick, easy, and non-technical. They are available on Amazon.

They can give you lots of information about blog content and how to make your online space be just what you want it to be.

Happy Blogging,

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Adjust Column Width on Blogger

If you would like to adjust your column widths on blogger, it is one task that is super-simple
Above is a picture of my home blog Whimsical Musings. From there, I go to the upper right
and click "Design." That will take me to my design page below.

From there, I click Template Designer.

That is when I will see on the left that it says "Adjust Widths." I will click that.

Finally, I will see little bars that I can move to the left and right to adjust the width. If I make
sure to scroll down a little bit on my page, I can see what they look like before I decide to save them. Then, I push "Apply to Blog." All done!

The width of your columns can make a difference because if done properly, it can make your material easier to read.

One tip: You want to make sure that the font color is easy to read against the background that you have chosen. Also, make your text large enough for everyone to read. Small print is difficult for many people, especially if they spend a lot of time going from blog to blog to make comments.

I hope this has been helpful!

I actually have 2 new ebooks on Amazon:

They are filled with inspiration and know-how for anyone who is interested getting more followers and making their blogs "come to life!"


Friday, October 14, 2011

Ways to Make Money--Blogging It's a "Woman" Thing

Are you a woman who has ever thought of working from home? I mean the kind of job that you can really enjoy....Where you have time to meet a friend for lunch, pick up the kids from school, and still have all-important time to pamper yourself.

If you have ever contemplated this, let me tell you, your idea is not childish. It is worth not only dreaming about, but also doing something about, even if it is in your spare time until you build a following.

Through blogging, I found that women are making money by sharing their ideas in the form of hand-created treasures and even information. Yes, if you have some valuable information to impart to others, believe me, there are many women who could benefit from your knowledge.

So, if this sounds like the type of day you would like to have, let’s start at the beginning to get you living that lifestyle:

First, what are you good at? What is your special gift?

Do you have a circle of friends who can “spread the word” on social media?

Have you started a blog and built a following?

These are all important aspects to consider. Why? Because they can be a valuable in getting your business “out there.”

Today, word of what you do can spread like wildfire through the Internet. I'll tell you a true story about a woman who built a business even before the Internet existed.

I once knew a woman who loved folk dancing. Her children were grown and she had never worked outside of her home. She had some music on tapes that she loved to dance to. She called a local recreation center and arranged to give folk dancing classes. All she brought were those tapes and a cassette player. She had classes several days a week.

But, that’s not all. In addition, she loved to travel, particularly on cruises. So, she arranged cruises for her dancers. She arranged a few a year. And the best part? She taught dancing to them once a day on the cruise ship AND her trip was paid for because she brought those ladies with her!

The bottom line? She got paid for doing what she loved best. Can you imagine how much bigger her business would have grown if she had a blog where those same women--and others--could have visited? Their friends and friends of their friends could have joined in the fun too!

Women are creative. Women are resilient. Women are nurturers. Women are inspirational.

If you want to start on this journey, just “put it out there” and see how it grows. Blogging itself can bring you money too. You can show pictures of your favorite hobbies on your blog and monetize it--easy, peasy!

I have 2 brand-new ebooks available through Amazon. They offer practical advice and are non-techie.

Blogging: It’s a “Woman” Thing

Blog from the Heart: A Woman’s Guide to Blogging

They can help you on your blogging journey in terms of content, what to write about, how to get a following, etc.

Don’t give up on your dream. I believe that God put it in your heart for a reason.



What Does the Google Plus 1 Button Mean--Market Your Blog

Hi Everyone~

After having my online seminar, I received so many emails I was afraid they would shut down my Hotmail account. People were really excited about the possibility of getting more people to their blogs. Believe me, it is possible to do that in a short amount of time.

We all know that nothing is more frustrating than creating a blog and having NO visitors. It's like throwing a party and looking at the snacks, streamers, and balloons all by yourself. Well, in terms of a blog, you can fix that in a jiffy!

There are several things you can do:

1. First, check your stats on your personal blog to see where any of your current traffic is coming from.

2. Offer to be a guest blogger on someone else's blog.

3. Join blog parties and visit people who have posted there.

4. Create a video tape for Youtube and you would be amazed how many visitors come.

5. Ask your visitors to use the Google Plus 1 button to bring you more exposure.

6. Offer to do a story about someone else's blog on yours.

These are just a few quick ideas. There are more in my seminar at the top of this blog (on the tab.) The seminar is completely free and there is a Graduation Certificate that you are welcome to have.

If you are a woman and would like some blogging inspiration, I have written these ebooks to help your blog grow. They are brand-new and available on Amazon. They are not tech-oriented. The purpose? To help you amp up your blog and create lots of inspiration!

Blogging: It's a "Woman" Thing (It just went up 84,000 ranks today!)

Blog from the Heart: A Woman's Guide to Blogging (It just went up over 100,000 ranks today!)

Here is just one review of Blogging: It's a "Woman" Thing on Amazon

"This book is to the point, informative, engaging and fun to read! I just started a blog 3 months ago, and this book gives some valuable insight into the blogging world for women. Cindy Adkins' shares her knowledge and experience about blogging in a way that everyone can understand. It shows how blogging can open up a whole new world for writers and artists, or anyone wanting to share their life experiences, talents or interests. Great book!" By Cindy554

Thanks so much for visiting!!!

By the way, this is not my main blog--It is here! You're welcome to visit! (Music and fun are on me.)

If this post was helpful to you, please click the Google Plus 1 button below....Do you know what it means? It is like a "like" button on Facebook and helps get posts out to others who can gain from the info. I call it an "applause" button.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Google Plus One Button--What Does it Mean?

Hi Everyone~

The Google Plus 1 button is a handy dandy item to have on your blog. Do you know why? Because when visitors click it, it is very similar to a "like" button on Facebook.

So, if you visit a blog that is awesome, just click it. It's like giving an applause--and we all know that "spreading the love" feels great.

If you need lots of info. about blogging, you can go to my seminar on the tab above...It's free and it's fun. There are lots of tutorials on this blog too. So, if you click "Home," you will be able to scroll down and see which tutorials you need. They are complete with screen shots of various things you may need to know about your own blog.

I am the author of 3 books on Amazon. They are:

Blogging: It's a "Woman" Thing

Blog from the Heart: A Woman's Guide to Blogging

For Brides Only: Creating a Wedding Blog

Oh--one more thing, if this was helpful, please click the +1 button--thanks a million!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Multiple Sclerosis

My friend Daniella has a brand-new blog called Multiple Sclerosis--Journal It. It is about her own journey and shows visitors how to journal about their experiences--ups and downs of their daily life. It is about caring and sharing--and if anyone can inspire people, it's Daniella. If you read this, would you mind going over and becoming a follower and showing emotional support for a blog that is really about sharing life's experiences even in the midst of medical issues? Bravo, Daniella....You are an inspiration.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Coupon Code

I just completed this calendar with my new software from My Memories. I inserted the picture of my precious kitty, Stella. I'm an animal lover, so I couldn't wait to make something with her in it!

If you want to get My Memories V2.0 software for scrapbooking, you can use my COUPON CODE to get a $10 DISCOUNT. My code is STMMMS19107 and you can click directly to the software from my sidebar.

I hope you're having a great day!


Monday, October 10, 2011

How to Add a Page to Blogger

If you would like to make an extra page on Blogger, it's easy! First, start on your home page and go to the top. Click "Design" on the upper right of the blog.

You will be immediately taken to your template design page.  On the LEFT sidebar, you will see something that says PAGES.  Click it!

A screen will appear that is like the one above.  Click the button to add a new page.  Then, a screen like the one below will appear.

Begin writing or posting photos in the box provided.  Be sure to name your page in the available space at the top and click "SAVE."  All done!

Adding a new page is almost identical to making a blog post.  The difference is that it will be a stand-alone page that visitors can access from tabs at the top of your blog.  Remember, you can always go in and change the page title if you need to change it...It does not require making a whole new page.

I hope this was helpful. For complete blogging tips, you're welcome to join my Free Online Seminar up above. It's the tab you see above the posts!

Happy Blogging!
Cindy Adkins

Amazing Scrap-booking Software!

Last week, I discovered the most AMAZING scrap-booking software--and I'm not even a

The program comes with all kinds of background papers and embellishments--and it's so EASY to use. That is the astounding part of it all.

If you would like to get your own My Memories Suite V2.0, you can put in my code and get $10 off your purchase--How awesome is that?

I have a button on my sidebar. If you click that and put in my code STMMMS19107, you will get the discount!

The other night, I even downloaded 20 free scrap-booking papers from the company under their "Free" images on their website. Can you imagine how great these would be to use as Christmas gifts framed for friends and family? I'm even framing mine for gifts and attaching their custom Christmas tag graphics to the packages (and I got those free too! All I have to do is print them out!)


Linking this to the No Faces Challenge at My

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Women Blogging

Blogging for women is essentially one of the most important vehicles for finding your "voice" in the world. It's easy. It's fun and you can share all kinds of ideas from recipes to showing your fashion savvy.

If you have just begun the process (or are thinking about it) you're welcome to attend my Blogging 101 Seminar. It's free and you can read through the material at your leisure. To begin, just click the gray and white tab folder at the top of the page.

Thank you so much for coming--


How to Blog: Blogging Tips for Newbies

If you are new to blogging or even the concept of it, my FREE Blogging 101 Seminar can certainly head you in the right direction regarding traffic to your blog and other important blogging issues.
If you would like to read it, just go to the file at the top of this blog, click and begin.

You can take it at your leisure as it will be a permanent fixture on this blog. When you are done, feel free to grab a Graduation Certificate to place on your blog. Please include a link back to this blog so that if you have followers who want to attend, they will know how to find it too.

Blogging is fun~I hope you have a great time and thank you for stopping by!


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Make Yourself Visible through Blogging

I am in the midst of doing research for a new book. Because it is about blogging, I have been looking for very specific blogs and want to talk about the people who own them. But, guess what? Nine out of ten times when I find a blog about the topic I am researching, the owner of the blog is not available.

So, if you own a blog, you never know who may be wanting to interview you. Make sure that you have an email address available so that people can actually reach you and have a conversation or ask for more info. etc.

Who would have a blog or website that promotes a business and not make their information available to people who find them on the internet? Even if someone's name comes up at the top of Google, unless they are available to discuss their wares, it all seems pointless. Just sayin'....

Until next time,

Organic Traffic

If you have already "taken the plunge" into blogging, I should explain the importance of backlinks--links from other people's blogs to yours. The more links to you, the more valuable your blog is as a commodity.

Did you know that people can buy backlinks? Yes, they can! But, this is frowned upon by search engines like Google. Instead, they want you to have natural or "organic" traffic--meaning that people come to you or link to you because they think you have something valuable to say.

How is your organic internet garden growing? If you want to check your blog's ranking, just go to my FREE online seminar up above and in the first class is a place where you can go to check yours.

Until next time, Happy blogging!


Friday, October 7, 2011

Word Verification for Blogger

Word verification for Blogger helps eliminate spam or unwanted comments. However, when visitors take their time to visit your blog and make a comment, they do not appreciate having to put a code into a box.

So...what did I do? I got rid of word verification on ALL my blogs because I really want them to be "visitor-friendly." If you want to know how to get rid of yours, just go HERE for my quick tutorial that can walk you through it in minutes.

I have gone to blogs that have word verification, make a comment, see that screen pop up that demands I unscramble a word and I am "out of there!" I don't like it and it slows down the process of visiting blogs that I deem really important to me. If I want to make a comment about someone's beautiful table setting , I don't want to feel like I am at the Pentagon going through security. Just sayin'....


Blog for Free

Some inspiration for your blog...

Many people wonder how to create a blog for fun or business. After having a website for a year, I discovered Blogger and traffic increased immeasurably. Why? Because it’s interactive and guests can leave comments and become part of the dialogue.

If you are a woman who is considering blogging and would like some inspiration, I have written 2 books--Blog from the Heart: A Woman’s Guide to Blogging and Blogging: It’s a “Woman” Thing--each available on Amazon.

If you already have a blog and have just “happened” on to this page, both of these books are non-technical and purely for inspiration to help YOU come up with great ideas to blog about on a daily or weekly basis.

At the current time, I have a main blog called Whimsical Musings. Whimsical Musings Magazine (which you are on) has many tutorials to show you how to do things on Blogger, such as add a blog button. Please bookmark this page so that if you need those tutorials later you will know how to find them. I have simple screen shots and it is difficult to find this type of handy info. ALL IN ONE PLACE, so since they're here, you may as well get the benefits of them.

If you want to know how to increase traffic to your blog, join blog parties, etc. just read my Blogging 101 Seminar at the top of the page. Click the tab and there you'll be! Easy, peasy! What is one of the biggest complaints from bloggers? "I don't know how to get traffic!" Well, the seminar will definitely help you with that.

Blogging is fun. I hope you enjoy the journey!


Search Engine Optimization How to

What is search engine optimization--(SEO)? Search engine optimization simply means the ability to have your blog or website come up higher in search engines. It means that if you take a few steps in the right direction, you will have a better chance of having your domains be found by people on the web--in short, more traffic! But, first it’s a good idea to find out what your ranking already is. That is all covered in my easy online seminar and that part is in the very FIRST section.

My Free “Blogging 101” Seminar is listed on the tab above. I hope you enjoy the classes and when you’re finished, you are welcome to take my Graduation Certificate and place it on your blog or website with a link back to here.

I hope that the seminar is super-helpful!!!!


Thursday, October 6, 2011

AWESOME Software for Digital Art

As many of you know, I am a graphic designer...I create blog buttons and headers for blogs. I just discovered a new software program that makes designing and digital scrapbooking SO easy! I got it yesterday and made so many fun things.

The awesome thing is that you can put your own pictures in and put them on their amazing backgrounds. There's SO many backgrounds that come with the program--can you believe it? Anyway, there are flowers, sewing stitches, fleurishes, and more included--all the cutest stuff for making scrap book pages and after they're done, you can even print them out---How great would something like that be framed as a Christmas gift?

If you would like to purchase one (and they are not expensive) just use MY promo code to save $10 on My Memories Suite V2. My code is: STMMMS19107 Just enter the number at check-out for your discount!! Make sure you enter it correctly to get the discount.

To purchase, go Here.


Steve Jobs Is Gone: A Tribute

Steve Jobs has passed away--a visionary and a man whose genius will be felt for many years to come. How could such a legend be so humble? It was a rare combination and one we can all learn from, indeed. His spirit just seems to be with so many us that he didn't even know. I believe his impact on our world will be felt forever--what a gentle spirit gone far too soon. Rest in peace, Steve.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Change Column Widths on Blogger

Changing the width of your columns on Blogger is easy-peasy!! First, go to your blog and scroll up to the top where it says DESIGN. Click it.

You will now be taken to your design template. Look familiar?  When you are there, CLICK the orange button that says CUSTOMIZE--it is rectangular and near the top of the page.

This will take you to BLOGGER TEMPLATE DESIGNER.  On the left sidebar, click ADJUST WIDTHS.

Next, a screen will appear to adjust widths.  As you move them slowly back and forth you can see what your blog will look like.  Once you have it how you want it to appear, click APPLY TO BLOG.  All done!

If you need more tutorials, just scroll down. Also, if you need a blog button, I make them...They're not expensive. Just email me at:

If this was helpful, please click the +1 button below--thanks a million!

Make a Video

If you want to make a video, it is the best way to bring traffic to your blog!!!

So, what do you do?

Go to Animoto. Insert you own pictures and text. Choose a song that you like--ALL DONE!!!

All I ask is, please click HERE on Youtube! and ALL of my videos are on that page....2 weeks ago, I made 16 of them. If you want to see one of them to see how I made them with simple pictures, it will give you an example of how to make them easily.

Just make sure that if you make the free video on Animoto, it is not for commercial purposes, so don't mention any shop on your video. You can let people know your blog address though!

I hope this was helpful!!!


How Do I Blog?

If you are new to the world of blogging, trust me, it's FUN!!! To increase traffic to your blog, you will need a blog button--I make them! If you need one, just contact me at: They're inexpensive!

If you have a blog already, just tell me the address so I can look and give you design ideas. This is a purchase that is well-worth it if you plan to blog so that people can post your button on their blogs and come back to find you whenever they want to visit!


How Do I Blog?

If you have decided that you want to enter the exciting world of blogging, you can gain a great deal of knowledge from these new books--Blog from the Heart: A Woman's Guide to Blogging

Each are available on Amazon! They are available to read on Kindle and can help you with blog content, attracting new followers, increasing traffic to your blog--and more!

For a completely FREE seminar all about blogging, just go to: Whimsical Musings.
At the top of the blog, you will see a tab. Click and read the entire seminar. Also, if you will be starting a Blogger blog, please come back and see all my tutorials on this page--They can help you immensely and are super-easy to follow!!


Sunday, October 2, 2011

How to Get Rid of Word Verification on Blogger


First, let me say that when people want to leave messages--and are in a hurry--it is very annoying to have to put a word verification in after leaving a thoughtful comment. So, here is how you can get rid of it to make things easier on your blog visitors.

From your main page, go to DESIGN. Click it.  (I have used a picture of my own blog up above.)  Once you click Design from your OWN blog it will take you to the template page where all the good stuff happens!

You will see your TEMPLATE page.  On the left side bar, push SETTINGS.

A page will appear like the one above.  When you get to that page, simply click POSTS AND COMMENTS on the left sidebar.

Once you are on that page, you will see your options.  Where it says COMMENT MODERATION,
click NEVER.

Save and you're done!!!

Thank you for viewing my tutorial. I hope it has been helpful. For more info. on blogging (not the technical part), I have written 2 books, which are each available on Amazon. They are:

Thanks for visiting,

Cindy Adkins

If this tutorial has been helpful, please click the +1 button down below--thanks so much!

What does the Google Plus 1 Button Mean?

Here is a screen shot of my Whimsical Musings blog (my main blog.) To see a close-up, just click on the image of the page. If you notice below the post, there is a +1 button in turquoise-blue. People have been asking me what it means.

If you read a post and you like it and/or it was helpful to you, if you click the +1 button, it will let people know that you appreciate the article and time it took for them to write it. It is very much like a "Like" button on Facebook.

To me, it is just courteousness. It's like saying "Thank you" or "I'm happy to see you." It only takes a second to push it and if it helps my friends in blog land get more recognition, I am happy for that!

I hope this was helpful. If it was, could you please push the +1 button for me? I would like other people to understand what it is all about and hopefully news of this will travel quickly from one blog to another--that's my goal!

I am the author of 3 e-books on Amazon:

Blogging: It's a "Woman" Thing

Blog from the Heart: A Woman's Guide to Blogging

For Brides Only: Creating a Wedding Blog

Thanks so much for visiting!!!