Sunday, January 30, 2011

Spread The Love!

This week is all about “Spreading the Love.” I want to introduce you to some wonderful women who have created some precious projects. For those “do-it-yourselfers,” you can be inspired...And for those of you who would prefer to “buy it and enjoy it,” many of these people have their own Etsy, yay!!!

Linda from Random Creativity is an accomplished artist and published author who has created this beautiful heart tag and it is among the special treasures in her Etsy shop. So, if you need it as a gift for someone special, this would be a great way to obtain a piece of her art.

Carol from The Answer is Chocolate made this heart and it is only one of the amazing projects on her blog. Carol is so generous with her creative spirit and has many tutorials--I always learn so much from her. Her artistic talent and decorating skills are impeccable!

Roselle of Seaside Rose Creations makes fabulous pieces in pink that are filled with shabby goodness...Just look at these adorable vintage heart tin--purely dreamy, don’t you think? You can grab them up in her Etsy shop. And if you are like me and love hand-painted pink roses, she has many delightful pieces to choose from.

Kim has an Etsy shop where her tags are available--and she has numerous beautiful hearts in her shop. Kim has been so busy that she does not have a blog at this you can convo her at her shop if you’ve got any questions about her delightful creations.

Marfi of Incipient Wings is someone who is also “spreading the love.” She has something on her blog called “Guerilla Fridays.” What she asks people to do is create a piece of art and leave it somewhere for a stranger to find somewhere throughout the city that they live’s amazing! This is a key that she recently left for someone to find--and look at the message--”Believe in Yourself!” Wow, this is special!

Would you like to know how to create a “shabby cottage-style” garland for Valentine’s Day? I first took this graphic sheet that I got from Shabby Cottage Studio.

I cut it out and embellished it. And voila, a romantic garland perfect for

Valentine’s Day--or any day that you’d like to have “a little romance in the air!”

Pssst...Next week, I will have a little surprise about this garland too...can’t wait to tell you about it while I have a special feature on decorating called “Doll It Up!”

For those people who have been featured on this blog, you are welcome to display the “Featured on” button located on the sidebar.


  1. Cindy, what a treat and honor to learn that you'd included me in this feature, and among such talented artists. Thank you!

  2. I am so honored to be here amoungst such lovliness and talent! LOVE you Cindy. That banner is stunning. I am going to head on over to the Shabby Cottage Studio for some online retail therapy ;)

  3. Cindy, I am truly honored to be featured this week. The other featured artists hearts are lovely and I'll be sure to go visit their blogs. I love Marfi's idea of spreading the love. Her key is an awesome treasure for someone to find! Your banner is beautiful and I can't wait to see what you are going to do next! Thanks so much for all you do!! ((Hugs)) Linda

  4. Wow, Cindy this is so sweet!!! I am honored to be featured along with these lovely talented ladies!!! Thank you for including me!I love all of their work too!!! What a nice Sunday surprise!!! xo ♥

  5. Wonderful features, Cindy! I'm looking forward to visiting!!

  6. Lovely features as usual, Cindy. LOVE that key--oh my. I can't wait for more garlands. I still haven't attempted mine but you know I will. Gorgeous as usual.

  7. Oooh, I am loving today's post, Cindy! I love all of those gorgeous heart creations, and I will be sure to visit their creators shops/blogs! Love them all! And I also am in love with your banner, it is just stunning! I really, really love Marfi's idea of creating something beautiful, to leave for a stranger to discover! How cool is that? I would love to see the look on those people's faces who find the treasures!!!

  8. Fantastic, all creative bloggers you posted thanks for sharing. I love the garland, very pretty. Hugs, Kim

  9. Cindy, I like your garland! Will go see the shops you featured for pretty valentine decorations!

  10. I love all the creativity here. I'm off to visit some new blogs and Etsy shops. Thank you!!

  11. I love the garland! I can't wait to check out the blogs featured. Have a wonderful week!

  12. It is so nice to concentrate on such lovely things when the weather is being so challenging.
    Looks like I may be housebound for the next couple of days (ice and snow). I must say that the garland you created is just gorgeous.

    Take care and thanks for sharing,

  13. Hi Cindy,
    Loving Mag Mondays!
    I'm off to visit. Hugs xx

  14. Hi my lovely friend, i have enjoyed todays magazine features so much and enjoyed visiting each lady. I love the beautiful art displayed too.
    Hugs June x

  15. Hi, Cindy, I'm Holly! This is my first time here and I'm here by way of Roselle's blog. ♥

  16. Hi Cindy,
    These are all wonderful Valentine's Day crafts! All of you ladies are very creative! Thanks for sharing the links with us!
    ~ Jo

  17. hi cindy..thank you, you do so much for all of us, youre awesome!

  18. Hello Cindy
    These Woman have done some Beautiful Work!
    Thank you Cindy for Sharing!

  19. Love all of the featured crafts you have shown us. I would love to be featured on your online magazine.

  20. Wonderful article, Cindy! You've featured such lovely and talented women--thanks for introducing them to us!

    Have a beautiful day, my friend!


  21. Hi Cindy. It shows the depths of your generosity to share on your Blog other artists' artwork. Thank you for featuring those artists as I enjoye dlearning about their work.
    As for your garland - I am positively drooling lol.
    Have a wonderful week.
    Wishes. Lynne (M) x

  22. Hi Cindy,
    I love to visit the very talented bloggers you feature - It's inspirational.
    Lesley x

  23. Hi I love all of this, Cindy. Please come visit my blog.

  24. A pretty, pretty post of ruffles and glitter....just perfect to get us in a lubby dubby frame of mind :)

  25. Hi Cindy....I got your beautiful bookmark. I love it. absolutely love it...I love that you put my initial and the way you put Hope on the back. My dgt who loves to make things commented how much she liked it also. Thanks so much Cindy. You're the best. And know that I'm going to use it ALL the time...and everytime I will make me think of this really neat person who I am so grateful to have connected with in cyberspace. ☺☺

  26. Hi Cindy, These are all so lovely and certainly spreading the love! Beautiful inspiration! Love what you are doing with your magazine! Hugs!

  27. Thanks so much for commenting on my round table redo! I am now your newest follower. Your blog looks great. I hope you can swing back by and follow me as well! Gonna go tool around your blog.
    take care.

  28. You are so right! I love your magazine! I HAVE to get that collage sheet! It's so me! Off to venture so more and thanks for all of your hard work! xoxo Rhonda...

  29. Yippee! I'm your 100th follower!Congrats to you and me.Please drop by and say Hello.How is this a magazine say... compaired to the rest of blogland?