Sunday, January 23, 2011



I would like to introduce you to 5 amazing women who create beautiful works of art. This week is not only a celebration of them, but also, a celebration of YOU because all of you inspire me in so many ways.

Chris is a Canadian artist whose diverse mixed media work exemplifies the masterful use of so many different techniques.

Never afraid to try new things, Chris is not only on the design team at Dezinaworld, but her blog is chock-full of the amazing pieces she produces.


Lovey of Fabric Photo Memories creates exquisite fabric designs and her work has been included in numerous magazines. The time and detail that goes into her creations makes each a one-of-a-kind treasure. Not only does she use gorgeous fabric, but also, her gems make a girl’s heart flutter! You’ll have to go and visit to see what I’m talking about.

The other day, I was standing in Hobby Lobby and decided to go see if I had friends who were featured in the magazine section. One major magazine caught my eye, I opened it up--and there was Lovey’s work! I was so excited. I said to my husband, “That’s Lovey--that’s my dear friend! I’m so excited she is in this!” now you know I’m like a little kid and get very thrilled for my friends. (That might also give you a clue as to why I decided to create this online magazine to feature people I feel have such incredible talent.)


Suzy is a fabric artist from Australia whose creations are splendorous. I came upon her blog one day and all I could think was “Oh my gosh--I wish I could come over and watch her create!” She has one of those blogs that makes me “oooh” and “awe” as I scroll from one page to the next--the fabric, the art, the colors, the textures--it is all sublime and her talent is astounding.


I hope that you will visit her blog to see the rich textures and colors that abound! You will be "ooh-ing" and "aww-ing" too!

June/Junibear's Jottings

June of Junibear’s Jottings is the quintessential digital artist. Her work takes my breath away and I know that if you visit her blog you will feel the same way. The layers and depth of her pieces make them stand out as the true treasures they are. June is not only an artist, but is also part of the design team of Dezinaworld.


June of Dezinaworld is a woman who “does it all,” from digital pieces to fabric to beeswax creations. If you are an artist, no doubt, you have probably used her graphics from Dezinaworld in the past as they are beautiful. Here is a beeswax collage that she created. I hope that you will get a chance to view more of her work and also visit her online shop where graphics abound!

As many of you know, I design for Shabby Cottage Studio. I created this jar which would be perfect to put Valentine candies in or to display in your home.

It was created with images from Shabby Cottage Studio...I hope you’ll take a look at their amazing digital images....With just one sheet, you will have lots of projects you can create! I know that many of you use the gorgeous images from there and believe me, you won't want to miss the special Valentine goodies that are in store!!

Here is a little tag made with images “from the cottage” that I just fell in love with! I love all that shabby goodness.

And now an announcement--Barbara of Moore Whimsies won the giveaway for the robin’s egg blue tablet and tag--Congratulations, Barbara!!!! I hope that all of you will enjoy seeing Barbara's art work that is featured in numerous art galleries...Her work is on her blog.

Also, there is a huge Blog Candy giveaway going on at my personal blog...You still have time to enter to win this special Valentine's Day giveaway!

Just go to: Whimsical Musings to enter!

Next week, I'll help you get ready for Valentine's Day with a special article called "Spread the Love." I hope you'll join everyone back here then!


  1. What wonderful featured artists, Cindy! Beautiful, inspiring creations! I'm off to visit!

  2. I loved the mixed media artists you picked this week. So much talent! I can't wait to visit their blogs. Thank you!

  3. p.s. - Love your project too! That is a great site for images. You are so lucky to design for them. Or, maybe they are lucky to have you!

  4. Those are talented ladies for certain! Gives me something to look forward to tomorrow..My last stop of the day today:) Have a great night Cindy!

  5. Cindy, Thank you for the lovely comments. You make me feel more talented than I really am. I just like playing with stuff. Your artwork is fabulous and your generosity is above and beyond. I wish more people in the world were like you.
    Big Hugs, Chris

  6. Oh, Congrats Barbara on winning the giveaway. Isn't it a great gift? :) :) :)

    Cindy...thanks for introducing 5 amazing ladies ;) :) I do remember you talking about Lovey before...:) :) and Juniebears...well, she's a gem :) :) I'll have to go back and check out all of their blogs again tomorrow :) :)

    Have a great week, Cindy :) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather ;) :)

    p.s. That jar you created is gorgeous :) :)

  7. Cindy I don't even know where to begin, yes I do, Thank you for the giveaway!!! It is a great gift and one that I will indeed cherish. If you have any followers who haven't checked out your Etsy shop and purchased something from you I would definitely encourage it from someone who has..Cindy's work is just amazing and she creates some pieces that make wonderful gifts and wonderful to just have all to yourself! I'm certainly glad that we have a week to check out all these wonderful artists 'cause it's gonna take me that long to soak up their works!

    Hugs XX

  8. Hi Cindy Wow! This Womankind theme is just incredibly beautiful and I am so proud to be part of it and featured by you here. Thank you so much for the opportunity to share my heart's desire with so many womanlike minded souls here. I think this is the beginning of seeing so much talent come together in the one magazine. Thank you for all of your kindness and energy in putting this together for so many to share!
    Hugs, Suzy

  9. Cindy your words are so inspirational and touches the heart deeply. You are a rare gem. Precious and priceless in value and worth. Thank you for your kind words, your love, your support. I love the story about seeing me in the magazine...too sweet. Thank you again Cindy for this wonderful honor. Congratulations to all of the featured artists this week. It' a beautiful feeling to be amongst such talented women that I have had the pleasure of meeting in blogland already and admire so deeply.
    Congrats Barbara for your winnings!!!
    Love everything you create Cindy!
    You Rock Girl!!!
    And You are a dear heart to me....forever! Xoxo

  10. All wonderful artist,this is such a great way to honor the gifted people in blogland who inspire us all with their creativity.

  11. Ah dear Cindy!
    What a lovely title..Womankind....Hope the male arists (and there are quite a few) won't mind too much! LOL!
    Thank you so much for featuring me! I know most of the other artists but I shall have some severe bloghoppingto do!
    And your creativity and generosity is beyond measure. You know how much I adore your work.
    Everyone should know our secret....We all LOVE what we do!
    Much love and many blessings
    June xxx

  12. What a wonderful article with lovely artists and love the jar and tag. Hope you have a wonderful week. Hugs, Kim

  13. Hi Cindy, sorry it took so long for me to get here. I am absolutely overawed with this fabulous page and what amazing artists,some i am aquanted with and some i am not but will pop by and see them soon. Wonderful creations and a wonderful magazine. Thank you for the lovely things you say and just for being you and creating so much pleasure for your friends
    Hugs June

  14. Hi Cindy.
    I discovered your online magazine through a blogpost from June. (And YES I share your opinion that she is a talented artist !! )
    I've scrolled also for a moment through your names which you introduced to us !!
    It was so enjoyable to visit their blogs !!
    Thank you for sharing these messages....very thoughtful of you !!

    Kind greetings from me,
    Rian from Holland

  15. They truly are five amazing women who do create beautiful work of art! Thanks for sharing the the beautiful inspiration.

    Have a wonderful day,

  16. Love these 5 artists that you featured!!! Beautiful things!!! thanks for sharing them with ALL of us, I'm so excited about your new magazine Cindy!!:)

    Have a great day... ♥

  17. Wow, lots of talented ladies here! I was ooohing and ahhing over all of their gorgeous work! And how awesome that Lovey was featured in a magazine! How cool is that? Love your pretty jar and tag, I can see it filled with conversation hearts for Valentine's Day!! Congrats to Barbara, she will love her treasures!!

  18. I agree with your selection of artist, Cindy. Each of them is in a very special category - all by themselves. All do such beautiful work.

  19. Another wonderfully inspirational group of women to get to know (although I do know a couple) and admire.
    I adore this magazine Cindy. It puts a smile on my face each Monday morning and new blog buttons on my blog, too!
    Have a splendid week, my friend!

  20. I found out about your online magazine through a blogpost from June. Congratulations to the featured artists!

  21. Happy Monday Cindy, I just finished meeting all the artists you have featured this week. I'm a little tired from all my travels but so filled with inspiration. So much to see. All really talented ladies. Have a terrific week! Hugs, Linda

  22. Another great post! So much goodness all in one place :)

  23. Love it, Cindy. I remembered you'd mentioned you were posting for the magazine on Mondays so I just had to take a look. Beautiful work by those artists. You're such a sweet friend.

    Much love!!

  24. Cindy your new online Zine looks fabulous and such great choices of artists. I know many of them and they are such talented ladies, kudos to you for creating such a great place to showcase art!

  25. What an amazing selection of talented women. I will certainly visit their Blogs. Thank you for sharing your talent. Lynne M x

  26. I've just been blown away by the beautiful artwork of these women. This magazine looks like it's going to be fun and interesting and full of creative inspiration. Thank you. x

  27. Thanks Cindy - I love to find new artists and new inspiration and this is a Godsend, though I do know June and june. I shall be tuning in again.
    luv and hugs {brenda} xoxox

  28. Got your message Cindy and I would be honoured to take part.
    B xoxox

  29. Amazing artists featured this week. I look forward to visiting their blogs! Thanks, Cindy!
    ~ Julie

  30. Oh Cindy, I am enjoying this so much...What a wonderful introduction for me to all these fabulous women artist....Eye candy galore....
    I feel so inspired ...Thank you, thank you, thank you...Je T'embrasses. G.

  31. What Wonderfully Talented Woman!Thank You for Sharing their Beautiful Work!
    I Must go and Visit their Blogs !