Sunday, October 16, 2011

Adjust Column Width on Blogger

If you would like to adjust your column widths on blogger, it is one task that is super-simple
Above is a picture of my home blog Whimsical Musings. From there, I go to the upper right
and click "Design." That will take me to my design page below.

From there, I click Template Designer.

That is when I will see on the left that it says "Adjust Widths." I will click that.

Finally, I will see little bars that I can move to the left and right to adjust the width. If I make
sure to scroll down a little bit on my page, I can see what they look like before I decide to save them. Then, I push "Apply to Blog." All done!

The width of your columns can make a difference because if done properly, it can make your material easier to read.

One tip: You want to make sure that the font color is easy to read against the background that you have chosen. Also, make your text large enough for everyone to read. Small print is difficult for many people, especially if they spend a lot of time going from blog to blog to make comments.

I hope this has been helpful!

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