Friday, October 14, 2011

Ways to Make Money--Blogging It's a "Woman" Thing

Are you a woman who has ever thought of working from home? I mean the kind of job that you can really enjoy....Where you have time to meet a friend for lunch, pick up the kids from school, and still have all-important time to pamper yourself.

If you have ever contemplated this, let me tell you, your idea is not childish. It is worth not only dreaming about, but also doing something about, even if it is in your spare time until you build a following.

Through blogging, I found that women are making money by sharing their ideas in the form of hand-created treasures and even information. Yes, if you have some valuable information to impart to others, believe me, there are many women who could benefit from your knowledge.

So, if this sounds like the type of day you would like to have, let’s start at the beginning to get you living that lifestyle:

First, what are you good at? What is your special gift?

Do you have a circle of friends who can “spread the word” on social media?

Have you started a blog and built a following?

These are all important aspects to consider. Why? Because they can be a valuable in getting your business “out there.”

Today, word of what you do can spread like wildfire through the Internet. I'll tell you a true story about a woman who built a business even before the Internet existed.

I once knew a woman who loved folk dancing. Her children were grown and she had never worked outside of her home. She had some music on tapes that she loved to dance to. She called a local recreation center and arranged to give folk dancing classes. All she brought were those tapes and a cassette player. She had classes several days a week.

But, that’s not all. In addition, she loved to travel, particularly on cruises. So, she arranged cruises for her dancers. She arranged a few a year. And the best part? She taught dancing to them once a day on the cruise ship AND her trip was paid for because she brought those ladies with her!

The bottom line? She got paid for doing what she loved best. Can you imagine how much bigger her business would have grown if she had a blog where those same women--and others--could have visited? Their friends and friends of their friends could have joined in the fun too!

Women are creative. Women are resilient. Women are nurturers. Women are inspirational.

If you want to start on this journey, just “put it out there” and see how it grows. Blogging itself can bring you money too. You can show pictures of your favorite hobbies on your blog and monetize it--easy, peasy!

I have 2 brand-new ebooks available through Amazon. They offer practical advice and are non-techie.

Blogging: It’s a “Woman” Thing

Blog from the Heart: A Woman’s Guide to Blogging

They can help you on your blogging journey in terms of content, what to write about, how to get a following, etc.

Don’t give up on your dream. I believe that God put it in your heart for a reason.




  1. Wow! Some really good things to think about! Thank you.
    Always, Queenie

  2. This is a really wonderful post, Cindy! Thank you very much. I MOST especially love the very last sentence...very inspirational! xoxo

  3. Terrific post, Cindy. You are very inspirational. Keep up the good work!

  4. Hi Cindy recently I joined your blog. I read it and I'm with advice etc. inaccuracies. I've been home a while after the "fibromyalgia" and have tried many things but I can not, like being able to sell online! Has been very difficult for me because of my limited knowledge of how to address and many more details. In order , will be here to see what I can they learn from their knowledge and good will. greetings. Rose M.

  5. You are truly so inspirational, my friend! Congrats again on your ebooks!!

  6. Wow Cindy, this is a great post. You put it out there for women who need that bit of a nudge to pursue their dreams, that it's ok to take it small, one step at a time. You're truly an inspiration.
    I'm going to hop over to read your other blogs before I start my day.
    Have a good week!
    Warm hugs of aloha,

  7. Cindy~
    You have such valuable information. I am trying Etsy again. I really haven't given it a good try during the holiday season. I waited too long last year, so I am getting things listed now. I will be looking into your books on Amazon next...