Friday, October 21, 2011

Hugs--What They Mean

I have heard it said that each of us need many hugs a day--I think it's true. I know it sure makes ME feel better!

Well, there is a blog that tells about 10 different kinds of hugs that you can receive on a date--and what they mean. To take a look, click HERE. If you're not married, I know you'll be thinking about this list on your next date! If you ARE married, you'll probably be remembering your first date and trying to see what kind of hug you got-- Too cute!

Sending all of you a ((((hugs))))



  1. Awww, hugs are so important. I am a very huggy person. Some of the best hugs are our doggies' hugs. When my Hector boy jumps up and puts his paws on my shoulders and snuggles his head to my neck, thats so precious. Or when my Poppygirl snuggles up to us on the settee and puts her legs kinda round us, thats a jolly good hug. And then there are the wonderful hugs I get from my boys. They are really important to me. And when my DH hugs me and tells me he loves me, ah well, after 30 years, that has got to be the best.
    Big hugs to you as well, Cindy xxx

  2. So cute Cindy! I'm with you, hugs are very important to both physical and emotional well being. You know all those feel good endorphins that come rushing in! Big cyber hugs to you my friend.

  3. Hugs out to you and your hubby ! One of the many things I miss now that my feller is gone , I try to get as many as I can from my grandkids , some of the sweetist there are.

  4. Hugs and smiles! You have to have them and give them away! Big hugs to you and a smile to boot!

  5. My first date with the MR. he greeted me with this GREAT big bear hug....he had me right there!Thanks for sharing!

  6. Consider yourself (((HUGGED)))


  7. Hugs ARE definitely important! :) Sending one your way, dear friend! xoxo

  8. I adore hugs...with my husband, my family, good friends and my little furchild kitty. Hugs are a warm validation. I abhor fake cold hugs. Serene Sunday...

  9. What a fun article! Yes, hugs are ever so important!
    Here's to more hugs for everyone!
    Always, Queenie