Friday, January 13, 2012

Pampered Chef

If you love cooking and would enjoy getting some amazing free items from Pampered Chef, all you need to do is "host" a party--What does that mean? It simply means handing out a catalogue to your friends and based on what they order, YOU can qualify for free gifts!

Here are some delectable dishes that you can make....

Do they look delicious or what?

Yummy, huh?

My niece Tiffany and her best friend Christina have become independent consultants. You are welcome to email them and they can send you catalogues so that you can start on your way to free products...That's all there is to it!

Happy Cooking!!!


Images Credit: Google


  1. My Cindy~ Are you trying to get me onto another project I may never finish?
    Glad to be back in blogworld...
    Hope you are well..Still have something I need to get out to you!

  2. These look yummy! I have quite a bit of Pampered Chef products, my favorites are the egg slicer (this one does not rust when you put it away) and it also slices strawberries and mushrooms beautifully. My other favorite is the cheese grater, just like the ones at Olive Garden. No decent Italian home should be without one.

  3. I love Pampered Chef products. I love their cookie sheets~ xo Diana

  4. After dreaming of owning a piece or two for years, I ordered, and paid for, about $150 worth of Pampered Chef years ago and received none of it! I'm sure it was the fault of the rep. She made it very hard for me to find her after the pieces were sent to her. I was a single mom and money was tight so I never tried again, everything is a bit expensive to risk any more money.