Friday, September 30, 2011

How to Add a Blog Button to Blogger

Many people want to know how to add a blog button to their blogs. I will show you how to insert on your blog.

But, first make sure that you save the button to your desktop so that you can work with it.

So, how is that done? 

Here is a screen shot of my personal blog. On your own Blogger blog, go to the top and push "Design" at the upper right. You will then come to your template page. 

Here is a picture of the Template Page.

On the left sidebar, you will see LAYOUT.  Click it.  It will take you to your layout page.  Click "Add a Gadget."

Once you do, a drop-down menu will appear.  Scroll down it until you see "Picture."

You will add your button as a "picture."  (If you notice, there is a picture of a tree in green.) Make sure that you know how the picture is labeled on your desktop so that you can find it.

When you push the word PICTURE, another drop-down menu will appear.  It is not pictured here.  It says CONFIGURE IMAGE at the top of it.  This is where you will choose a file from your desktop.  Look for the image that is your blog button picture.

There is also a space to give it a name.  If it is your own blog button that you are inserting, just call it My Blog Button.

Later, if you ever want to move your blog buttons around, this will make it handy for you.

When you add your OWN blog button, you do not need to insert an address...
Click "Save" and you're done!  All you need is the button and to label it with a name, "My Blog Button"--easy, peasy!

(When you get used to doing this, you can insert a blog button in a matter of seconds!)

If you are inserting someone else's button, you need to type their address in where it asks for their link.

If you are inserting my blog button, you will type in:
Once the picture is inserted and the link is typed in, click "Save."

If you don't, it will disappear!

Now go back to your blog to make sure that you see it on your sidebar.

If you have inserted a friend's button, make sure that you reach their address if you click on it.

If it did not work, just go back and make sure that you entered their address properly. If you
inserted the blog button on your sidebar, but it does not navigate to your friend's blog,
it is of NO use!

Important: If you want to insert a blinking button, simply go to your template exactly the same way. When the dropdown menu appears, do not look to insert a "picture." Instead, take the html code from the button that you want (you will see it underneath the blinking button on the person's blog) and then insert the code under "HTML." That's it!  In other words, you still go to "Add a Gadget," but you don't enter it as a picture.  The drop-down menu has an option of inserting an html code for it instead.

Was this helpful for you? Please let me know!!!

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  1. Hi Cindy I checked and I have 3 buttons for you, did I get them all? Including the feature button from the magazine. Let me know I don't want to short change you! Hugs Marilou

  2. That part I understand! One day, I want to learn to write text code, but in no hurry! Have a great day!

    I wish I had these instructions when I was trying to figure this out. Your instructions are so easy to follow.
    I am trying to do a favicon with the picture of my blog comes up on the sheet but I can not get it up to the blogger button.
    Thank you for all you do for us.
    hugs and love

  4. wow, thankyou Cindy for leaving such wonderful words on my blog! I have now got a blog button...and I am feeling pretty high tech right about now :) I will be getting onto your books shortly. (I'll wait till I get back from holidays)I have gone to my fb page and also given simple directions to all my friends on how to leave a comment...hoping that someone gives it a go!
    Dot x

  5. Thanks for the so informative blogging info. I really need all the help I can get.
    Hugs, Jean

  6. Wow! I was able to add your button onto my blog following your instructions. Thank you so much for such clear directions.
    Ok, back to your Blogging 101.

  7. Cindy, Where do I save your button to?
    My pictures? then transfer to design picture?
    I will keep trying, thanks so much, Celeste The Victoiran Tailor

  8. Thank you Cindy for this class. I'm working on getting your blog button along with a few others up on my site. :)

  9. Thanks for this tutorial, Cindy. I'm going to put your blog button and grad certificate on my blog.

  10. Thanks Cindy, I have just added your button to my blog. Please contact me about creating a button for me at
    Have a great evening!

  11. what social plugin did you use at the bottom of your content?


  12. FYI: You can also try an auto blog plugin to post your content: read this: <a href="></a>

  13. Got to go give this a try. Thanks bunches, Maki

  14. Cindy, thank you so much for following my blog and your comments. I have tried to put your Button on my blog. Every thing works just as your lesson says except (now this will sound dumb) but I don't know how to get your Button image on to my upload file. When you have time would you e-mail me, please. Hugs, Maki

  15. Cindy, with your help I got your button on my blog,as well as a few others. I have a few followers, most are because of you!!! Thank so much. I've taken your Blogging and the Art Seminars. They are both so informative, interesting and fun!! I'm looking forward to reading all your tutorials and seeing all your beautiful art creations. Hugs, maki

  16. I now have your blog button on my sidebar! It took me long enough! I just haven't added friend buttons yet, so you are the 2nd one to have the honor! Thanks for the tutorial!

  17. Wooo hooo!! I have a blog button now and just linked back to your fabby tut, too! Big hugs xx

  18. Thanks for the information.... i was doing most things correctly but wasn't sure which boxes to fill in and then wondered why my picture kept blinking. Why can't they design these things with a few more clues as to what we should do???

  19. Cindy, I visit your tutorials often, and I'm so glad you've taken all the time you have to actually walk us through the steps. No matter how many times I do this, I still come over to make sure I'm doing it right!

    Thanks so much for your time and love you put out here for all of us!


  20. Wow Cindy, seems like I'm camping in your blog lol. I'm definitely coming back.Thank you for all the info. By the way I ' m taking your button : ) Elisa

  21. oh my, does this help me?? you have no idea i have been wanting to start a blog forever, now i am almost there, so embarrassing to be such a tech dummy! big mahalo! angi in hana