Friday, September 30, 2011

How to Check Your Stats on Blogger

Checking your stats is really important!  Start at your main page.  Scroll up to the top and click DESIGN.  

Next, you will see your Template Page.  On the left sidebar, you will see a list.  On it, look for
STATS.  Push it!

It will take you to a page that will look like the one above.  Every time I go to it, I can see:

How many visitors I have had
Where they came from
Which posts they read
Which words they used to search for my blog

When you do this on your own blog, make sure that
your own visits are not counted amongst the visitors.
There is a button to push where you can eliminate
yourself from being counted.

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  1. Oh Cindy this is just what I need. I posted some questions about blogging to the other dt's at Bella's but was so embarrassed that I deleted them.!!! I'll get started tomorrow and read your book's. Hugs

  2. Thank you for putting so much work into helping people learn how to blog! I know I am completely new and this and the other tutorials are really helping me!


  3. I so apreciate all your help, and I already have your button on my blog. I have been trying for a year to add a page, and now I know. Thank you for writing these easy to understand tutorials! You are a doll! I absolutely love blogging and reading others blogs, but really needed some simple help which you provided! Be blessed!
    Love, Linda

  4. Cindy,

    This is of great help. I would have looked all over in my blog help files before finding this and you made it so darned each!

    Thanks so much!